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Joji’s Mobile Detailing is by far is the best car wash and detailing service in San Diego County, perhaps all of Southern California.

I owned and operated a car wash and detailing service in Houston and College Station from 1978 to 1993. I settled in San Diego in April 1993 and have spent 30 years trying the various car washes and detailing services, never being completely happy with any of them. The car washes left it up to me to vacuum the interior or clean the trunk. Whenever I asked the car washes and detailing services to vacuum the interior and clean the trunk, it was a summary no. They simply didn’t do that. I suggested that they could offer it and charge more for it. There were people like me who would pay for someone else to do it. None of them ever did.

In October 2023, Joji’s Mobile Detailing placed a notice on Nextdoor, so I decided to give him a shot. I sure am glad that I did. I have used his services several times since then,  and his work always is exemplary. In early January 2024, I had to drive from San Diego to Grand Junction, Colorado,  about 1,800 miles round trip. In central Utah I had to drive through a snow storm, a hail storm, a rain storm, a sand storm, 47mph winds, and temperatures down to 1°F. When I got back to San Diego, my car was caked with sand, ice, and muck. It was amazing to watch Jordan get all that grime off and make the car sparkle, glisten, gleam, and shine like it never has before. The next time I drove in the rain, water just beaded up and slid off the car. The windshield wipers worked like none I have ever had on any car in my 50 years of buying cars, mostly new but a couple of used ones, too. Even the headlights seemed to be brighter, making driving at night much easier for a 69-year-old driver.

Thank you, Jordan!



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